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At Immanuel Dental Clinic we follow the below mentioned patient safety measures.

Staff Training: All dental staff are well trained not only in administering any dental treatment but also in infection control, emergency procedures which may arise during the course of the treatment being administered at the clinic. Further, they are trained in the safe operation of equipment and the proper handling of hazardous materials.

Autoclaves: At Immanuel Dental Clinic we use “N Class” autoclave which is designed to meet specific sterilization standards and guidelines, ensuring the elimination of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores.

Kodak RVG: Kodak RVG 2 is a dental digital radiography system used for capturing intraoral X-ray images of teeth. The key advantages are a. Immediate Image Acquisition; b. Image Enhancement; c. Reduced Radiation Exposure.

Dental Chairs: We use very advanced and sophisticated Chesa dental chairs in order ensure that the patient does not face any inconvenience during the treatment. Further, the Chesa dental chairs prevent any cross contamination because they are equipped with certain mechanical functioning that prevents oral fluids from flowing back into the chair tubing.    

SteriCab: Upon sterilization of the diagnostic tools, the diagnostic tools are packed in an infection resistant packaging and are placed in a UV Chamber to avoid any further contamination. The “Stericab” is Compact Ultraviolet Storage cabinet that has effective UV sterilization ability to maintain & preserve instruments without any fear of contamination of microorganisms once they are Sterilized or Autoclaved.

Dental Consumables: The dental consumables such as the dental restorative materials, dental impressions and lab materials, dental anesthetics (local anesthetics), dental infection control and sterilization supplies, dental endodontic supplies, dental orthodontic supplies and dental prevention and treatment products used at our clinic are of utmost quality.